Monday, August 16, 2010

Success at last.. well just a little one.

So I have had some luck now at least with formatting and backgrounds. I think its just a matter of slogging through the trail and error process. It's daunting but I've found a couple of web sites that have helped..
In the days to come when I've sorted the wheat from the chaff  I'll post some links so anyone else trying to do what I've done will have a place to start.
At this rate it looks like 'The world according to me' is going to be rather dull.. we'll have to do something about that.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Night

So I'm trying to personlise this blog a bit and have been investigating different backgrounds and so on and frankly it's like swimming in spaghetti sauce. I've noticed that every other blog on here has a style of its own and that's what I want too.. but I can't get it to work in this format. It's bloody frustrating.
I've found a blogging course I would like to have a go at ...  but she only takes people who've been blogging for 3 months.. which seems a bit arse uppards.
If you can blog.. why would you take a course to teach you to blog !!??
I guess I'll keep trying.. tomorrow I want to figure out how to download a photo.. I could probably do it now but all the photos are on the pc.. and I'm on the laptop..
Another dull post then.. arghhh !!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First musings..

Apparently I've started a blog... of course I have no idea what it looks like yet, or much idea of what I'm going to put in it for that matter.. but it's a start I suppose.
I think I know what I want it to be ! but whether or not that's how we end up remains to be seen.
This is all a bit vague, so for anyone unlucky enough to stumble on these thoughts I apologise now..
I'll get better I promise.
I've been following a blog called ChezLarsson for a few weeks now and I really admired what she was doing.. made me think I might have something to say myself about life and stuff.
Maybe pass on a tip or two and wax lyrical on my take on life. I recently started keeping a daily journal.. with pen and paper I might add, which is just scribblings I write last thing at night before I go to sleep.
It's very dull stuff.. just the minutiae of daily life, but that's the stuff that gets forgotten over time, and whenever I look back on things I wrote from long ago.. it's those things that bring a smile to my face. So I wanted to record them just for my own sake.. and this blog won't be about that stuff.. she says confidently.
I don't THINK it will anyway.
I know I have things to say.. I've yet to be convinced that anyone will want to read them.
Anyway.. I'm impatient [which will be a recurring theme I'm sure] to see what this looks like so I'm going to stop now.