Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Night

So I'm trying to personlise this blog a bit and have been investigating different backgrounds and so on and frankly it's like swimming in spaghetti sauce. I've noticed that every other blog on here has a style of its own and that's what I want too.. but I can't get it to work in this format. It's bloody frustrating.
I've found a blogging course I would like to have a go at ...  but she only takes people who've been blogging for 3 months.. which seems a bit arse uppards.
If you can blog.. why would you take a course to teach you to blog !!??
I guess I'll keep trying.. tomorrow I want to figure out how to download a photo.. I could probably do it now but all the photos are on the pc.. and I'm on the laptop..
Another dull post then.. arghhh !!

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